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mooseygirl: ({sαм} → ℓαяρ αи∂ тнɛ яɛαℓ ɢιяℓ)

A Walk in the Clouds

You are just a daydream away.

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Name:❥ cαsт мɛ ɢɛитℓʏ ιитσ мσяиιиɢ.

He gazed into her eyes as she spoke and lower to her lips, a soft pink lip gloss shining in the café's soft light. He could hear she was saying something more
but all he could concentrate on were those little lips. He could see snow falling gently outside the four paned window. As he looked down at her, she raised a hand to his face and gently combed his golden hair back behind his ear with her fingers. Smiling, she said shyly... "I've always wanted to do that..."

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